Friday, October 30, 2009

We've got a coupon for The Wooden Wagon

The Wooden Wagon has offered our readers a coupon code for the month of November. "STB1109" is good for 10% off your next online order through 11/30. With so many wonderful wooden toys and ornaments on their website, this is a great way to get started on holiday shopping. Here are a few suggestions, all made in Germany.

Pumpkin Rattle Doll ($25.00)

This is the very first toy that I bought for Arielle, before she was even born. Pumpkin Baby is a soft rattle that always sat in the corner of Arielle's bed. She was handed-down when Linnea was born, and now she lives in Linnea's bed. Pumpkin baby is made of soft, cotton terry that seems to be delicious to chew on and still looks good after many many washings.

Little Amsterdam building blocks from Haba ($72.00)

This is an awesome set of blocks. It's definitely not for babies because some of the figures are quite small, but it is a great set when your child is ready for something more complicated. And, it works well combined with the Haba baby blocks. The figures make it more than just a block set. This is Arielle's favorite. Mine too. I like building very modern buildings which Linnea knocks down. There's a total of 166 pieces, so you get quite a lot of blocks for the price.

Varialand Puzzle Tiles from Selecta ($28.50)

This is another favorite at our house. Varialand is a free form puzzle. Eighty tiles are printed with flowers, animals, building parts, etc. that can be combined in any way the child desires to form pictures. I like to have Arielle make up a story about hers, a great pre-reading (or any reading level) skill.

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