Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fun with Story Time Felts

Story Time Felts are felt board stories, accessories, dress-up dolls, masks, puppets and other felt games ans materials meant to encourage learning and imaginative play. They are all made in the Utah out of pre-shrunk felt printed with non-toxic, colorfast inks.

Arielle and Linnea tried out the Jenny and Rosa girl dolls with precut clothes ($27.98, $22.98 uncut clothes, extra doll $5.99). One set of clothes was more than enough for two dolls.

Arielle shows off Jenny. She is all dressed up for a fancy party.

There's an excellent variety of clothes. Everything from Halloween costumes to sports clothes to ballet outfits and everyday wear.

Here's a close-up. All the clothes have such bright colors. That has to do with the heat printing process. And, they are washable. Sets of career clothes, international clothes and vintage clothes are also available.

My girls adore paper dolls. I don't like that paper dolls always seem to lose their bits. "Mommy her hand fell off!" Or, they have complicated slots for attaching the clothes. "Help me! I can't get this on."

I like the simplicity and sturdiness of these dolls.

Rosa is getting ready for softball practice.

Jenny has a more dressy style.

Additional outfits ($12.99-$21.98 per set). We definitely need the international set for Christmas ;o)

Story Time Felts offers a huge variety of felt products. I stole this picture of the Three Little Pigs story set from the website ($77.99 for large felt board, CD and 5 stories). This would be a unique and fun way of telling interactive bedtime stories, and would also be great in a home school classroom. There are several sections of educational boards as well.

Check out the dinosaur set! ($50.99 with precut pieces)

The board is a big 23"x31". What a great gift for a dinosaur-obsessed four year old (or 40 year old).

There are so many more wonderful toys and learning activities on the site. Lots and lots! Check them out!

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