Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Connectagons at Magic Cabin

Connectagons Treetops ($24.98)

Our playroom window looks out on a huge maple tree. Every day we look out and talk about the changes we see. "What color are the leaves?" "What kind of bird is that?" "Uh oh, where did the leaves go?"

I chose the Connectagons Treetops building toy for Arielle because its a fun way for her play to reflect the things she is learning about AND because the 242 pieces include 3 types of birds - cardinals, blue jays and goldfinches. This is still not enough birds for Arielle who says "the good thing about trees is that birds can live in them." And, of course, the set also includes tree bases, branches (Arielle thinks the half-rounds look like nests), and leaves in five different colors.

According to Arielle this tree is good for "playing birds, and that is it!" I think it is a little more versatile than that. She had a lot of fun building and changing her tree. And, while it is fun to play with, the tree also makes a fun and interactive addition to a nature or season's table.

The pieces are made of wood and painted with non-toxic paints. Yes, like many Magic Cabin exclusives, they are made in China. All products sold by Magic Cabin must undergo safety testing by their Product Safety and Quality Compliance team. You can read more about safety here.

Connectagons are recommended for ages four and up. Linnea (almost 3) found them frustrating and difficult to manipulate, but Arielle (5) could build her trees quite easily. The Connectagons Collection is exclusive to Magic Cabin and HearthSong and includes several styles of Connectagons that can be used separately or combined.

Magic Cabin and HearthSong are participating in the Campaign to Reforest America. For every tree used for catalogs, two seedlings are planted, and when you make a purchase, they will send a seedling to your choice of three state reforestation program. So, playing trees helps trees.

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