Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Thoughts of spring...

We're expecting a nice snow storm tonight, but I'm tired of winter and it seems like it's time to think about spring.

Arielle is certainly dressed for it.

Her crown and wand are from Her Flying Horses. I love Her Flying Horses for reasonably priced, handmade dress-up clothes. The wands and crowns would make excellent Easter gifts or are a nice way to think spring. Wands are $14 for a set of two and crowns are $16.

We got these last Easter and they've stood up well to lots of play.

The bright flamenco dress was a gift from nice Uncle Jeremy who went to Spain.

While I'm talking spring, I promised to mention Violet's Peapod. Violet's Peapod offers made in the USA sleep sacks for babies.

Check out the pink pixies sleep sack ($53.95)

If only I had a baby... They come in sizes up to 24 months and there are several designs available.

I believe Arielle is playing Princess and the Pea. She's carefully placing a bead under a pile of play silks and then pretending to toss and turn. Too funny.

I've got some great Easter reviews lined up in the next few weeks. I hope spring comes to all of us soon.

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