Monday, August 30, 2010

Happy Birthday to Arielle

Did you notice our new bird wallpaper? That was in celebration of Arielle's 6th birthday. Arielle had a bird themed, birthday party and I thought I'd share some pictures for those looking for eco-friendly party ideas and kids activities.

First we built bird houses.  These bird houses are made by GreenBird out of recycled paper.  They are easy to assemble and last from spring to fall. Small birds like wrens, nuthatches, tufted titmouses and Carolina chickadees will build nests in the houses. The houses are $12.99 each or $66 for twelve - the bulk savings made them a reasonably priced party activity.

We did need adults to assemble the houses, but then the kids got to go all out ith painting them. Green Bird sells eco-friendly milk paint, but I didn't realize it had to be pre-mixed so we used regular poster paints.

After the bird houses, we planted bird flowers.  The Echinacea (Cone Flower) seeds were also from GreenBird.   They come in a six inch seed pie which can be cut into smaller pieces.  You just fill the pot with dirt, put in a piece of seed pie and gently cover it with more dirt.  Then water and wait for it to grow.

Then we decorated the pots with stickers. The party was a few weeks ago and we now have little sprouts.

Of course, there was a lot of running around, playing dress-up, checking out the play food in our toy kitchen and a fun game of pin-the-beak-on-the-cockatoo. Everyone got prizes.

Then snacks and cake.  Arielle and Linnea made bird's nest cookies to fit in with bird theme.

A pink roses, butterflies and birds cake:

Arielle loved it.  She claimed it was the best birthday ever!

Our friends went home with bird houses, flower pots and a bag of bird seed.

The party bird stickers are from Kristin Sanchez on Etsy.

Happy 6th Birthday, Arielle.

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