Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Our Favorite Music

It is pretty much a miracle when a child wants to hear a song over and over again for more than two hours and mom doesn't mind. What was the song? "I'm Me!" by Charlie Hope.

I love, but was getting tired of the They Might Be Giants and Laurie Berkner that we always listen to, and I wanted something different. So, I bought I'm Me! and World of Dreams ($14.99 each).  The girls loved them -- Especially I'm Me!

The title song is about how pretending to be something like a lion doesn't change who you are inside.  It has lots of animal sounds and Linnea loves to sing along at the top of her lungs.  Another favorite for Linnea is "Frog Song". It is a counting down song with some silliness thrown in. And she likes the classics "Mr. Sun" and "Roll Over".  I just played the song and she came running.

 Arielle likes I'm Me!, but she insists on the lullabies in World of Dreams for bedtime. The sound is soft and soothing without being sticky sweet. Charlie's voice is beautiful and has a very modern tone.

The really cool thing is that Charlie Hope donated a personal concert to our auction. Unfortunately, the concert is limited to CA, OR, WA, NY, NJ, RI, MA, as well as southern ME, VT and NH.  Charlie can also perform in Canada in Greater Victoria, Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal.  So, if you live in any of these places, what a great deal! 

Otherwise, the CDs are available at KangarooBoo and would make excellent holiday gifts.

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