Wednesday, January 30, 2008

2008 Haba

Both Maukilo and Oompa announced today that they have new 2008 Haba in stock. I'm especially loving the Biofino petit fours ($13.99)

and the Black Forest Cake ($13.99).
These look so yummy. I think we need them for tea parties in our play kitchen.
I also like the magnetic puzzles ($11.99) in fun themes like flower fairies and pirates.

These have only nine pieces, so they are perfect for pre-schoolers who are still figuring out how puzzle pieces fit together.
The Sakadra blocks ($23.99) are very pretty and I'm very curious about what other blocks will be coming out. I like the unusual shapes and they would be a nice complement to our existing collection. They have some nice new shapes in natural-colored blocks as well.

If you sign up for Maukilo's email list, they will send a coupon code for 15% off.


marcidiamond said...

Can I come over for a tea party? Those petit fours look delicious!
I love this helped us out so much for Christmas. Thank you for doing this.

kristen said...

I've sworn off Haba's "Made in China" Toys. They are made by the same factories that produce Williams Sonoma and Pottery Barn and pay their employees next to nothing while marking up their products considerably. These factories could easily be compromising product safety in the name of profit. Also, my son received some of their Terra Kids line that is made in China and it was the typical cheap plastic which easily broke. We're sticking to USA or European made until regulations are in place that help guarantee product safety and a fair wage.

kristen said...

Also, if you want awesome home-grown mama-made play food...try some of these

Milanie Cleere said...

Hi guys! Thanks for the mention. We're having a lot of fun with all the new Haba products coming in - another container arrived today. If you have any questions, feel free to contact contact me! I'm always looking for an excuse to play with the toys! :) - Milanie

dana said...

We have on of those Haba magnetic puzzles. I loved it when I saw it - but, almost immediately, the thin wooden puzzle pieces began to splinter and break off. We glued and dealt for as long as we could - but this puzzle finally made its way - unfortunately - into the trash. (I was too concerned for safety to donate or give it away).