Thursday, January 10, 2008

Toy Review: Hess Push Toys

Push Toy Vogel Lilly by Hess ($28.49)

Unfortunately, this is going to be my first negative review. Linnea received Lilly from her Granny Bird for Christmas. Yes, this is a very cute toy, but to our disappointment, Lilly was very hard for a one-year old to handle. The toy did not roll smoothly and the bird flipped around making it difficult to push. The final straw was when Lilly's head popped off. I called Moolka and arranged a return. I think we are going to try a Selecta push toy instead. If anyone has afavorite, please comment on it.


martha said...

our favorite selecta push toy is the one with the beads that fly around (carousel??). I used to work at a specialty toystore and the two most popular push toys were that one and the one with the jockey on the horse. I hope that helps!

Sara said...

Thanks, Martha. That does help. I was considering the carousel one because it looked like the most fun :-)

Woodmouse said...

I've got the Smillo clown from Selecta and my 1.5 year old loves it. It has even survived him bashing it around on our hardwood floors somehow.