Friday, January 11, 2008

Linnea's current favorite toy: 14-15 months

Linnea's current absolute favorite toy is the Bajo Toys Stacking Fellow ($14.39). It arrived shortly after Christmas and I left it on the table to show her later. She discovered it on her own and knew exactly what to do. I think Linnea especially likes the bright red nose and the hat. "Hat" is one of her favorite words right now and the toy gives her an opportunity to practice.

What I like is that the center pole is attached. When I was reading reviews, it seemed that many of the wooden stackers had a removable center ring and it seemed to me that that could be a bit tricky for a little one still working on hand-eye coordination, as well as being one more piece to lose. The Bajo stacker has only four removable pieces (including the head), so it is not overwhelming.

Another favorite is the Vilac Baby Telephone ($9.99). Linnea loves my cell phone and I was worried that this would be too simple for her, but she's happy with the jingly bell and the bright ball on the antennae. She holds it to her ear and says "Hi, Dad!"

Arielle is modeling the phone. I bought two so they could call each other. Arielle is a little less impressed, but she enjoys carrying it in her purse when she pretends to be Mommy.

Linnea is also very much enjoying dolls (which she will feed with a toy bottle), stacking cups (reviewed in bath toys), pots, pans, bowls and spoons from both my kitchen and the play kitchen, and blocks.

She is particularly playing with the little dwarf and the car from the First Blocks set from Haba ($23.99).

I've recently caught her putting the little dwarf in the car and pushing it around while saying "brmmm... brmmm..."

I love that at this age she's so curious, and so busy, and trying so hard to be like the big people in her life.

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