Thursday, December 2, 2010

Captain Jack's Venture Ship

My baby boy turned 4 last week and we had a swashbuckling Pirate Party to celebrate. What 4 year old boys doesn't love pirates? Furthermore, what group of preschoolers doesn't love a costume party? We had a grand old time celebrating, with dozens of little pirates running amok. Q's big gift for his birthday, and the hands down favorite toy of the party, was Captain Jack's Venture ship.

This is a large and well made toy by any standard. It took my husband about an hour to assemble, with minimal outbursts. What I did not realize when I ordered this gift, is what an lifelike replica of a ship it would be. The Venture Ship has working sails, a plank that can be put out if one of the pirates steps out of line, cannons that move around actually fire little cannonball sticks! The base of the ship comes out and you can store items in the hold. It is truly incredible. There is even a working captain's wheel and a crows nest to post your lookout. 

This toy provides hours of imaginative entertainment in our house. Frankly, I am not sure who enjoys it more, Q or his Daddy. The ship was listed as ages 4 and up. I would say that is a little generous. I think 5 and up would have been better. My 4 year old loves it, to be sure, but really needs an adult to play with him. The sails are a bit tricky, and when they come apart they definitely take an adult to re-rig. We had this out on the play table during our pirate party, and it took my husband another hour to fix all the nets and sails after the kids went home. The kids didn't care, and had to be dragged away just to have cake. 

One of my favorite features of the ship is that the whole thing is on wheels. We take it down and pretend the living room is the ocean and steer the ship through the crashing waves. Even my one year old gets in on the action crawling after the ship and pushing it around. She is fascinated by the nets on the side and likes to chase after the boat and snap the nets. 

The Captain Jack's Venture ship comes with the ship with working sails and masts, crow's nest, captain's wheel, 3 pirates, cannons and cannon balls. We bought it at Sensational Beginnings for $139.95. You can also purchase the Pelican Landing Dock separately for $69.95. The landing dock comes with ramps and docks, a working crane and hoist, a pirate, 3 pelicans and a treasure chest. The crane was the first thing to go at the party. Too many 4 year old boys vying for the power position. It was mended easily enough when they left. 

The Captain Jack's Venture ship truly is fun for the whole family! 

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Anonymous said...

we just found two of these ships along with the two docking at a yard sale paid $30.00 for the pair. not knowing what we had my husband looked them on the net.. there are some missing parts and would like to replace them for our boys.. can you help me out on where to find replacements.
thank you Darcy Bond