Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Buzz Buzz: Plan Toys Bee Hive

This is very exciting. We love Plan Toys. They make reasonably priced, natural baby toys and preschool toys out of old rubber wood trees. Eco-friendly and fun! So when Plan Toys contacted us about reviewing one of the new wooden toys that will be in stores this spring, we practically shouted "Yes, please!".

We reviewed the Plan Toys Bee Hive. This developmental toy consists of a set of six bees with matching bee hive cups and a pair of big wooden tweezers. This simple combination makes a great educational toy (and imaginative toy) for toddlers to kindergartners.

First of all, the bees can be used to learn about colors, sorting, matching and for developing hand-eye coordination. My lovely assistant Arielle will demonstrate:

Pick a bee up with the tweezers...

and drop it in the appropriately colored hive.

You can change the arrangement to make the game a little more complicated.

Can Arielle sort the bees without moving the cups? Yes, she can.

It was more of a challenge for Linnea. She's three, so she's still working out the tweezers. It's nice to see her challenged.

Despite the tweezer challenge, she had a lot of fun lining the bees up and making them "talk" to their friends.

When they were done, they flew off to their hives, and she tucked each in the appropriately colored bed.

Then Arielle has an idea!

She drew flowers. Now Linnea had to make each bee fly out of the hive and to the correct flower.

She did it! Yay!

The toy is absolutely cute, but what I love that this is a learning toy that inspired creativity. The girls looked at it, figured out what it is for, and went beyond that. That is what you expect from an open-ended learning toy.

Next they took out blocks to build their own beehives..... the bees were so happy, but my camera battery died. Maybe next time.

The Plan Toys Bee Hive will be available at Plan toy retailers later this month and on the Plan Toys website.

Thank you, Plan Toys!!!

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