Monday, March 22, 2010

Our new kitchen

The time had come. The play kitchen was falling apart and playing "Mommy in the kitchen" is one of Arielle and Linnea's very favorite games. We needed to replace it.

So, the old kitchen went on Craig's List and Mommy priced new kitchens. It was a pretty easy choice. I was in love with the Camden Rose Simple Hearth ($349.99) from Palumba.

Why is this kitchen so great? Let me count the ways.

1. It arrived quickly. Two days after I ordered the kitchen the FedEx man brought three big boxes to the door. The girls were very excited, but I sent them next door for their regularly scheduled play date, anyway. I'm mean.

2. It was easy for a small mommy working alone to set up. Tools needed were a Phillips head screw driver and a box cutter. Seriously, the hardest part was getting it out of the box. Then you attach the handles and the faucet, add the hutch (slides on and the tighten the screws), slide in the shelves and you are done.

I bet you're thinking "Sara, show me pictures already!"

3. It is beautiful. The kitchen is made of solid wood - sustainably harvested cherry, ash and walnut.

4. Look at all this storage space.

I like the cute shelves and that they finally have a separate cabinet for pots and pans. But what I really love is...

5. ...the wire rack in the oven. Don't ask why. It just appeals to me.

6. It has an oven! Our old kitchen did not.

7. The matching refrigerator ($299.99). It is so big. There is room for ALL the play food. Actually, when Linnea first looked inside she said "It's not full. I need to put more stuffs in there."

8. More wire racks...

9. And cool on-the-door shelves for jars and eggs.

How did the girls like it?

First, they danced on the bubble wrap.

Then Linnea went to find more stuff to put in the refrigerator. "How about the toaster?"

Then Linnea discovered cool thing #10.

10. The pull-out shelf that adds space so two kids can cook at once.

11. It came with milk and eggs.

12. It's fun. It's been a few weeks, and the girls play with the kitchen constantly.


Charlotte said...

Beautiful kitchen! It looks like your girls love it already

Babe said...

I love this kitchen! I had already ordered the gourmet kitchen from Pottery Barn Kids and I wish I saw this first. I am tempted to put it on Craig's List. However, I bought some other items from Palumba. Thanks for turning me on to that store!

Tara said...

I bought this kitchen for my daughter's birthday totally based on your recommendation of it. We love it! And we're buying the fridge for Christmas:). Now I'm searching your blog for some other good Christmas ideas, hehe.