Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Snuggle Bunnies for your snuggle bunny

A pretty box! What can it be?

It's Linnea's turn to see. "Hmm.... what is it?"

It's a bunny!

A very soft blue bunny. From Auntie Jill.

Auntie Jill makes Snuggle Bunnies in two sizes - small (6.5") and big (12"). This bunny is small. It is made of super soft blue minky fabric and has silky satin ears. A small minky bunny is $15.00. A large one is $30.00.

The ears are so much fun to play with and the bunny feels soft on Linnea's skin.

Bunny close-up. Linnea asked "Where's his legs?"

A great excuse to read The Velveteen Rabbit. Silly Linnea, stuffed rabbits need lots of love before they grow legs.

Linnea gets started on the lots of love, but first she takes a break to play with those silky ears.

She loves those ears.

"No Arielle, the bunny is mine!"

Arielle gets her turn.

The Snuggle Bunnies are handmade in Wisconsin. The bunnies make a beautiful Easter gift. Bunny, play silk, egg and a copy of The Velveteen Rabbit - perfect. '

The bunnies are available in a variety of colors and fabrics (fleece, minky and organic jersey). I'm cuddling the blue minky snuggle bunny as I write (Linnea has a play date at our neighbor's house) - so soft, and very inspiring :0) Minky just makes you want to keep petting.

The ears can be embroidered with the child's name for an additional $10. A very nice new baby gift.

Auntie Jill
also makes custom stuffed animals. So, if you have been looking everywhere for a soft purple zebra... well Auntie Jill is the one to ask. There is also a page "For a Good Cause" that features animals that help raise money for good causes such as breast cancer and Parkinson's disease.

Thank you Auntie Jill. I am definitely cuddling this bunny until Linnea gets home from her play date.


SchrefflerFamily said...

I like that neat wooden egg. Where did it come from?

Sara said...

That neat wooden egg shaker is from Down to Earth Toys. I'll be posting a link and a review in the next few days :0)

SchrefflerFamily said...

OOOh. It's a shaker? I've got one of those on the way too!

But mine was more expensive and came from Little Alouette. http://www.littlealouette.com/holey.html