Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Pretty Easter purses from Warm Biscuit Bedding Company

I love the idea of being creative with Easter Baskets. Seriously, do you really need lots of pastel baskets around? The Easter Bunny and I have decided that we'll look for more practical options at our house.

Arielle will be starting school soon, so instead of a basket, this year the Easter Bunny will be bringing a new backpack instead of a basket. A purse is another great suggestion. And, we got to review these cute little personalized purses from Warm Biscuit Bedding Company.

The purses ($24.00 each) are handmade in the USA and can be monogrammed with a name or initial.

As you can see, Arielle was very happy. The purse is 7"x8" - just the right size for a doll, a bunch of Easter eggs, or a few small books.

And, Linnea loved seeing her name. "R...Q...A... it says Linnea". (shhh...Linnea is not doing very well with letter recognition, but she thinks she knows everything) She loves to carry small toys around in a bag.

Both Linnea and Arielle were pleased with these very girly purses. They come in six different colors: red, pink, yellow, purple, brown and peanut butter - something to match every Easter outfit or your child's favorite creative clothing combination.

They are very well made. I love the printed lining. I had concerns about the ribbon handle, but the girls say it is beautiful. They know.

They like them best for play shopping.

Check out Warm Biscuit for a variety of personalized gifts and toys for girls and boys. Thank you for letting us review these great purses.

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