Thursday, December 30, 2010

A barn for your animals and 25% off at Rosie Hippo

First of all, if you have Christmas money to spend, Rosie Hippo still has 25% off all toys through January 1.  Even better, Rosie Hippo is supporting  by donating one toy to a child born into poverty for each order over $100; however, this ends at midnight December 31. A great opportunity to stock up for birthdays.

Now to the toy review......

Creche or Little Barn ($40.00)

I have been admiring this wooden toy barn for a long time and was so happy to be able to review this toy.  Earlier this month, my children had seen the play "Charlotte's Web" at our local high school and they were having fun playing "pig on the farm" with their Holztiger animals.  The barn reminded me of the set of the play.

This was supposed to be a pre-Holiday review.  Unfortunately, poor barn went to my old address (oops!) and arrived a few days after Christmas.  I apologize profusely if anyone is saying "Darn! That would have been the perfect gift!"  But, birthdays, Valentine's Day, Easter, feeling down, and snow are all good gift giving occasions.

Santa loves to bring us Holztiger, so the new animals were happy to have a new home.  In fact, here are the animal families all lined to ask Santa to bring them a new barn....

I have to laugh because we spent a lot of time at the mall in a very similar line. 

So the happy animals got their new barn and the girls did play "Charlotte's Web".  I dug up a plastic Halloween spider to be Charlotte.

So, Wilbur and Charlotte spent some quiet time together while Arielle dug out the rest of the farm animals.

They all agreed, it is a nice barn.  The wood is smooth.  It's easy for children to get their hands in.

Look, Fern is a princess!

And, everyone played nicely together.

The barn arrives packed flat and does require some easy assembly - but, a child can do it. There are no screws or nails, so if you are short on storage space, it quickly comes apart for storage.  But, it would also look really cute set up on a dresser or shelf.

There is an optional star, so it can be used for nativity scenes (or to hold a rooster).  It would be adorable with dollhouse dolls.

I know this barn will be used a lot.   Thank you, Rosie Hippo. And, everyone else, check out the sale and help a good cause.


Tara said...

This is absolutely adorable! Love it

kristen said...

Sara, do you ever feel that your children have too many toys? I felt that way. I felt that they had trouble even playing with them because they had so many. The shelves were filled and everywhere they looked were beautiful, open ended, heirloom quality toys. I read "Simplicity Parenting" and it definitely made a difference. I only have less than 1/3 of the toys left. They play with them more and the mess is managable. I highly recommend reading it. Every child needs great toys but no child needs ALL the great toys.

Sara said...

I agree, Kristen. We pass along many of the toys that we review to our preschool or to families who are less fortunate. I prefer to keep our toys simple so the kids can use their imaginations.

SchrefflerFamily said...

I miss this blog.

Phill Kids said...

Its good to see quality wooden toys, not plastic rubbish

K said...

I miss this blog too.

K said...

I miss this blog too.

♥ Viviαŋє ♥ said...

Very nice toy. My son Henry would love to play with it.