Saturday, December 5, 2009

Having one of those days?

Try Mama's Mood Lifter's Deck.

No, I'm not dealing drugs. Mama's Mood Lifter Deck is a set of cards with activities with children ages 2-5 in those moments when you just need to change the mood in your house. You know, when the kids are fighting, and you have a million things to do, and you are way too stressed to think of a fun activity?

Mama's Mood Lifter Deck ($16.95)

You can either pull out the Mary's Soft Dough or grab a card.

These arrived at the perfect time for a review because I've had that kind of week. In addition to writing the blog, I work as a freelance writer. I'm currently finishing up a few projects. My husband is also out of town, and Linnea is dropping her nap which means she is very emotional. I had ample opportunity to try the cards out (and to get some good use out of the soft dough).

When everyone is hollering, you pop a card out of the deck and read the inspirational quote.

"The work will wait while you show the child the rainbow, but the rainbow won't wait while you do the work." - Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh

You think about that a moment and then introduce the activity. This card suggested a game of Hide and Seek, so I got a few minutes of peace while I hid under a blanket.

The girls had a great time looking for me. They found me and jumped allover me which was a good excuse for tickles. They giggled, and then it was their turn to hide.

I pretended that I had no idea where they were. Ari was under a blanket on the couch, so I (gently) sat on her and said "My this couch is lumpy!"

After a few rounds of hide and seek, we cleaned up the play room together.

Later, we danced in order to diffuse a meltdown. "No, Linnea, you can't have chocolate chips for dinner." I am such an unreasonable mother.

Other suggestions include Simon Says, playing Bus Stop, doing simple tricks for each other and making a kiddo burrito. There are 31 fun activities that will definitely make your child smile and give her treasured happy-childhood memories.

My kids loved it, and so will yours.

The cards are inspiring. When the freezing rain let up this afternoon, I decided it was time to walk to the post office. It was cold! Linnea was refusing to walk and screaming about wearing her "fat jacket". Arielle was screaming at Linnea to stop screaming. I was trying to convince Linnea that she wanted to spare my back and walk. Half a block from home, it started snowing. I wondered if we'd survive the next block and a half and wished for an idea. Then I thought of the mood lifter cards.

I put Linnea down and said, "OK you brave Arctic explorers, tippy-toe so you don't wake up the polar bears." The mood immediately changed, and we happily braved polar bears, sea lions and frigid arctic wind as we bravely made our way to the post office igloo. Linnea was finally able to stop screaming and admire all the Christmas decorations.

There are a few blank cards, so you can include your own ideas.

The cards are made in the USA and are sold at Down to Earth Toys. So, if you've been a mostly good mommy this year, ask Santa to put these cards in your stocking. They aren't nearly as messy as soft dough and no supplies required.

Thank you, Down to Earth Toys, for making a big difference in my week! and for offering such an awesome selection of natural toys and toys made in the USA.

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Jen Mc said...

I like the Rainbow Silk Steamer from ATG and the Smencils Set from SPS.