Thursday, December 10, 2009

Holiday Books

At our house, Santa always brings books. A few people have asked for book suggestions, and here are a few of our favorites.

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My Friend Rabbit ($12.21)

This is Arielle's absolute favorite. She calls it "Rabbit and Mouse". In the story, Rabbit causes Mouse's plane to get stuck in a tree. Rabbit then comes up with a silly idea to rescue the plane. Arielle loves to make up stories about what happens next. The book is a 2003 Caldecott Award winner.

We're Going on a Bear Hunt: A Celebratory Pop-up Edition ($17.99)

And this classic story is Linnea's favorite book. She asks for this story every night. It's about a family that goes looking for a bear (why?) and finds one (uh oh!). The words are catchy, and she has most of the memorized so she reads along. When we go for walks, we make up our own extra verses like "Uh oh! an ocean. A deep blue ocean. Can't go over it. Can't go under it. Got to go through it. Glub Glub Glub Glub..."

The Princess and the Pea ($11.55)

Arielle loves princess books and another favorite of Arielle's, this is a beautifully illustrated and fun (slightly silly) retelling of the classic fairy tale. The story is illustrated with color photographs of 3-D collage. It proves what fans of Charlie and Lola (another big favorite in my house) know, Lauren Childs is a genius. This book should be an award winner!

Arielle says to also mention Go Away, Big Green Monster! ($7.91)

This was the very first book that Arielle read all by herself. It's suitable for two year olds, but still fun for older children. The book is illustrated with bright-colored pages with cut out illustrations. First the scary monster appers, and then he slowly disappears. Great for kids who are worried about scary things in the dark.

More favorites!

Stranger in the Woods: A Photographic Fantasy ($13.57)

Russell the Sheep ($12.95)

Princess Baby, Night-Night ($10.19)

The Three Pigs ($10.88)

And absolutely anything by Mo Willems especially Knuffle Bunny and the Elephant and Piggie books.

I hope these suggestions help and that you enjoy them as much as we do. Happy reading!


Anonymous said...

These are great suggestions. We love a lot of these books.

Amanda said...

oh we love the princess book. Some wonderful princesses sent us one and it has been read a billion times since we first got it :)

Sara said...

LOL :) that book just reminds me of your princess, and it's sparkly.