Friday, December 4, 2009

Playforever at Moolka

Playforever is a British company and the toys are made in Britain. These plastic toys are made to withstand real play and to last forever.

There are three models, the Bruno Roadster (a car), the Enzo Speedster (a motorcycle with side car), and the Mimmo Buster (an adorable airplane). They each retail for $59.99. We reviewed the Bruno Roadster in orange.

Playforever Bruno Roadster ($59.99)

I didn't say anything to the kids about this review, but I think a race car must have been Linnea's birthday wish. When we got back from our Thanksgiving trip which included Linnea's birthday party, Linnea started talking about her race car that was coming in a package. When we went to the post office, she asked our postmaster if her race car came yet. And when the UPS man brought a package to the door, she started yelling "It's my race car! It's my race car!" And when we opened the box from Moolka, it really was.

Linnea was in love. There was one rough moment because the little figure does not have eyes, so she wanted to draw them. I explained that his eyes are behind his goggles. Disaster averted, but we found out that Playforever toys stand up well to toddler tantrums (as well as rough love).

In the afternoon, she made her daddy play with her. This is definitely a toy for daddies. He said, "Whoa that looks fast!" and they went racing around the play room.

Yeah, racing when one is three can involve climbing... or crashing...

She even tried riding it.

While little girls enjoy racing, they also have unique girly way of playing with cars that daddies don't understand. Linnea and her race car watched Sesame Street together.

And at bedtime, after a quick drive and a snuggle....

the race car was given a kiss and tucked in under Linnea's bed where it wouldn't get lonely and would be available first thing in the morning for more fun and rides.

This is a most wonderful gift for any car-loving boy or girl. The ten inch vehicles are made of tough and shiny ABS plastic (like Lego) with rubber wheels. It weighs two pounds, so it's a sturdy vehicle. So tough!

And, also very cute :) The retro-modern styling is the design of Julian Meagher, an industrial designer, and they truly are works of art.

Thank you, Moolka, for making wishes come true and for making a little girl very happy!

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