Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Hand Made Toys and More from Challenge & Fun!

We were lucky enough to review several products from Challenge & Fun. One was the Tinti Bathwater Colors and the other some assorted fruits and veggies from Estia. If you like what you see here please visit their site for more fun, natural toys. Rob from Challenge & Fun has graciously given our readers a coupon code. Just type in "toybox" to receive 10% off your order.
Made in Germany ($4.99 for three tablets)

The tablets have a very light and pleasant scent. In fact, I had to remind the kids not to eat them! ***Tinti are made to taste terrible and they do. I tried them! ICK! Still, if your silly kid gets over the taste and eats them they are safe to ingest. I wouldn't encourage this though. Think of the end result.***

Though the picture looks quite red the end result was definitely more pink than red. It happily fizzed away in the tub much to the delight of the kids. Very fun!

Then we added blue. Jackson used his hand for this and it was even more fun than watching it at the bottom of the tub!

I was so thankful for the teachable moment as the kids discovered that red and blue make....PURPLE! What a beautiful hue! Our tub is rather large so in a smaller tub the color may be more concentrated. For us it was just right. Gasps were heard from both kids. A good sign!

I think that Tinti would make a terrific stocking stuffer. Small, fun and safe! Perfect!

Next up is a set of assorted fruits and veggies from Estia. Though you will not see it pictured we also received a chanterelle mushroom. Alli decided not to cook with it. To each her own I suppose!

They are drop dead gorgeous, lightweight and perfectly perfect. Alli agreed and didn't put them down the entire evening. In fact, she placed them in her bed and played with them before her birthday toys the next day! A hit to say the least. They are hand carved and just gorgeous...did I say that already? Well it's true!

Made in Germany ($2.95-$14.40)

Here they are being plucked from the "field".

A quick ride over to the kitchen....

and after a good rinse they were ready for the oven! YUM!

Needless to say I highly recommend any of the fruits or veggies. Again, the perfect stocking stuffer or a great gift to go along with a new kitchen or grocery cart. I am going to be picking up a few more myself. I mean, did you see the pumpkin?!?

Though we are saving this Labyrinth Balance Board for Christmas (shhhh) I just had to feature it now. The board is made in the US by Challenge & Fun. We will be purchasing the large board, suitable for ages 5 and up. Yes, mom, you can try it too! The Jr. Labyrinth Balance Board is better suited for beginner balancers from ages 3-5.

Made in the US ($85.00)

Made in the US ($59.95)

So what are you waiting for? Get thee to Challenge & Fun!!!

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