Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Mudpuppy Puzzle Giveaway

Mudpuppy are the makers of beautiful products for children, including puzzles, games, stationery, diaries, cards, building sets, stickers and a whole lot of other fun products - all beautifully illustrated.

We like the puzzles!

There are several categories of puzzles which range in difficulty from very easy to challenging.

First Puzzles won the iParenting Best Products Award 2006. Each box contains 16 pieces which are color coded and form four 4-piece puzzles. They are appropriate for ages 2+

Construction First Puzzle ($10.00)

Nine-piece Two-sided puzzles teach about opposites. The Day/Night puzzle is a 2003 Parent's Choice Approved Award Winner, a 2003 Dr. Toy 100 Best Children's Product, and has received a 2003 Creative Child Magazine - Seal of Excellence Award.

Day/Night Puzzle ($10.00)

The Mudpuppy Block Puzzles contain nine 2-inch cubes that form 6 pictures. These are great for children over three who can also build with the colorful blocks.

Garden Bugs Block Puzzle ($14.00)

Arielle has recently mastered floor puzzles with 24 jumbo pieces. She reviewed the Map of the U.S.A. Floor Puzzle.

Map of the U.S.A. Floor Puzzle ($17.00)

Arielle loves geography. She is fascinated with maps and locations. So, this puzzle was perfect for her. She was muttering about how Hawaii was in the wrong location and "Where's Texas? I need Texas." She is rapidly beginning to recognize the states and know their locations.

She started...

And in no time...

She was done! Linnea (who dressed herself today) admires Arielle's work.

These puzzles are challenging for early threes, but I bet by the time she is four, Linnea will have mastered this one.

The Color Me Puzzles are two-sided. Children four and older can color within the lines on one side with the crayons that are included in the set. The other side is printed in color. What a great snow day project!

Enchanted Kingdom Color Me Puzzle ($14.00)

Arielle is ready to try the 36-piece Mini Cube puzzles.

Eric Carle Santa Puzzle ($10.00)

Soon, she can try the 63 Piece Puzzles that come in round canisters with a colorful rope handle.

Monsters 63 Piece Puzzle ($14.00)

Finally, Mudpuppy's 100-piece jigsaw puzzles in collectible tins will challenge those serious puzzle masters. These are for ages 6 and up.

They won iParenting Greatest Products of 2005 Award.

Fairy Tales Puzzle ($14.00)

All the puzzles have nice sturdy pieces. The greyboard used to make Mudpuppy puzzles is from 90-100% recycled paper, and the colors are printed with nontoxic, soy-based ink. All puzzles are CE and ASTM tested to ensure safety.

Puzzles make great educational gifts. They help with cognitive skills, fine motor skills,hand-eye coordination, geometric and spatial relationships, and even teach children to deal with frustration. And, they are so easy to wrap.

You can win a Map of the U.S.A. Floor Puzzle just like the one Arielle reviewed. To enter the giveaway go to the Mudpuppy website and pick a favorite product. Post a comment, and make sure that I can contact you if you win.

In a recent giveaway, I had a winner named Anonymous with no details or contact information. I had no way of knowing who that was.

The winner will be announced on December 15th.


Carolyn said...

I like the constructibles building sets! A fun twist! Contact me at cbrzez572@gmail.com if I win!

Anonymous said...

Good timing. My kids need a USA puzzle. There are plently of not so good ones out there, but this one looks fantastic. I still have memories of my USA puzzle, I loved Maine the best. :)

Debbie said...

I like the around the world puzzle. With only 63 pieces it would be challenging but not impossible.
Debbie evedal@yahoo.com

Tanya said...

I like the Painter's Palette Constructibles Building Set

Tanya said...

I would love the Painter's Palette Constructibles Building Set

Anonymous said...

I think my girls would enjoy the ballerina sticker playset for $13. It would be perfect for our upcoming trip to an out of the country wedding!

betsy said...

I like the Pirate Puzzle.


Shannon @ Some Fine Taters said...

I love, love, love Mudpuppy! The magnetic princess set is may favorite!

john & catherine said...

The USA Puzzle would be great. We also saw the magnetic play sets and thought they would be handy on our long holiday journeys--my kids liked the robot set, and the sporty girls. Thanks for the info.

Melissa said...

I like the horse oversize playing cards for my 3 year old daughter who loves to play games!

Jenn said...

We love the Monsters puzzle! Just saw it a few days ago and it reminds me of Jeff Soto's work!

Anonymous said...

Random question: My older two daughters are getting American Girl dolls from their grandparents (I know, gasp! After reading your blog and perusing all the American made, non-toxic toy sites, I am really trying not to think about all the toxins these new dolls probably have or how unethically they were probably produced. With my personality it is best I never know...). My 4 yo found an American Girls Doll book and immediately began obsessing over them until her grandparents decided this would be the best Christmas gift. So, I also have a 2 1/2 year old. We are at a loss as to what to get her that would equal an AG Doll. She already has a bitty baby. I looked at your doll post from last year, but wondered if you had any more suggestions. I have 3 girls and these girls have pretty much everything (though it seems your girls have more than what we have ;)). We already have baby dolls, stuffed animals, and stuffed dolls to last a childhood of play. So, if the grandparents are going to get the 2yo a doll, it needs to stand out and be extra special (oh and $60 or less would be great. I know they don't want to spend as much as they did on the AG dolls.). If you can offer any additional suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated! Thank you! timin525@sbcglobal.net

Anne said...

I love the magnetic dress up figures, especially the world traveler and mermaids. Your site is a wonderful way to learn about all these cool new toys! Thanks!


anne said...

Wow. We are huge puzzle fans too. I would love the map puzzle.

gilbride. said...

i love all of the sticker books. the zoo animals look particularly cute!


Lindsay W.

Anonymous said...

I am new to this so I am not sure if my first comment went through. I wrote that I have a 1st grade son not too keen on reading. I thought the learning wheels were a *great* idea and that the shape, moveable parts,and interesting info would really hold my son's attention. I haven't seen this product anywhere else and will definitely keep it in mind when I make our gift lists.


Lowell said...

I like the ballerinas sticker set. Love your site-I just found it last month and have used coupon codes twice-thanks! My contact email is wandw@nc.rr.com

RR - Fully and Completely said...

I love the "At the Stable" Magnetic Figures! So cute!

Silka said...

I love the Under the Sea Color Me Puzzle.

silkaphyllis at gmail.com

Candace said...

I would definately go with the sticker books, the zoo one specifically! My little one loves the zoo and is so into sticker books at the moment.

Candace at candaceorenic@q.com

Carrie said...

I think the garden fairies block puzzle would be a big hit with my little girl thanks!

Carrie said...

I really think my daughter would love the garden fairies puzzle.

I think I might be one of the anonymous people from prior entries that has no contact info.Well here it is just in case, danapthackers@att.net thank you!

zachsgran said...

My grandson would love the monsters puzzle
zachsgran1 at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

Happy Holidays! The "forest friends" puzzles are so cute. I also like the old-school rudolph puzzle. I can be contacted at svensonic@hotmail.com if I win. Thanks!

Bridget said...

The Ballerina Sticker set would keep my girls busy for a while.