Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Affordable Wooden Stroller

Doll Buggy ($37.00)

Last summer, Linnea was filling her big jogging stroller with dolls and pushing it around the house. We don't have a lot of room, so this generally created a mess as Linnea bumped into people, walls, and furniture. I was planning to get her a doll stroller for her birthday, but then I found this one, and it is inexpensive enough that we didn't need to wait.

The stroller is made in Thailand of plantation rubber wood, rubber (wheels) and cloth. It assembles quickly with the enclosed Allen wrench. It took me two minutes to assemble, even with Linnea was jumping up and down and trying to "help". The result is a very cute, sturdy, all natural stroller that, unlike some toy strollers, didn't cost more than a real baby buggy. It is roomy enough for any of her dolls - even a few smaller dolls at once.

I'll add a few action shots later.

The stroller is available from Nico and Zoe. Our readers receive 10% off with our discount code, "nicozoefun08".

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