Monday, December 8, 2008

My latest toy crush - Holztiger

I think I'm in love. And,I think Arielle is as well. Every nap time, I've been catching her curled up in her chair reading the Holztiger catalog. She looks at the pictures and makes up stories about the animals and the things they do.

Holztiger animals are my favorite stocking stuffer. Santa jump started our collection last year with three little pigs. Three absolutely adorable pigs.

Holztiger Wooden Pig ($8.49)

Holztiger Wooden Piglet

I just love their happy expressions.

Then we did a few more as birthday gifts. First, some dinosaurs... because we love dinosaurs.

Holztiger Wooden Tyrannosaurus rex ($11.49)

Next, some fun wild animals.

Holztiger Wooden Zebra

And, I've heard from the elves that Santa is planning a Christmas goose.

Holztiger Wooden Goose, Small ($6.99)

So, Arielle and I were very excited when Urthchild offered to send a few for review.

Holztiger Wooden Carthorse ($12.49)

Holztiger animals are a good basic toy that will be played with for many years - an open-ended staple like blocks and playsilks that can be played with in endless ways. And, they can be combined with blocks for zoos, or farms or stables. Or, they can graze on a playsilk for a totally different experience. A few small animals in a backpack can be friends on a long car trip, or a collection can take part in a complicated game of make-believe. Ours often visit the dollhouse.

We have no theme. I choose them because I like their simple forms and sweet faces, and that means that Arielle's imagination gets a good workout.

The sizes range from itty-bitty geese and chicks (1 1/2 inches) to great big giraffes and dinosaurs (7-8 inches) and prices range accordingly.

Holztiger toys are handcrafted in Germany from maple wood and are finished using non-toxic water-based paints and lacquers. I love that the wood grain shows through the paint as a reminder that the toy came from nature. The figures are free from harmful chemicals, lead, and heavy metals and are safety verified by German supervisory authorities

So, have I convinced you yet that these are the greatest toy ever? Here are the toys in action.

T. rex loves to snack on Elmo crackers. The figures are appropriate for children who no longer put things in their mouth (the small ones could be a choking hazard) and who can play gently. They are made of natural wood, not flexible plastic, so little details like horn and ears can break off if banged around excessively.

Urthchild has a very nice selection and they arrive beautifully packaged. I wanted to mention the wrapping, and I wish I had pictures to show you. They use 100% recycled Kraft paper with raffia ribbon to wrap up items. They always opt for recycled, eco-friendly options whenever possible. For example, their gift bags are 100% recycled cotton gift bags that can be used as grocery bags. (But they also offer 100% recycled, soy-based ink paper wrap for people who like traditional gift wrap). UrthChild has offered our readers 10% off with the code "STB1208". It expires 12/15/2008.

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Jessi said...

Uh Oh...I thought I was done Christmas shopping til I saw these. I just want to turn my house into a Zoo!