Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A few last minute gifts from Petit Baby

Petit Baby sent us three toys to review this week, and I wanted to make sure to get this out in time for holiday shopping.

First up is the Plan Toys Vegetable Set ($17.99)

We love Plan Toys. They provide a great option for safe, environmentally-friendly Wooden toys available at a price that isn't shockingly more expensive than plastic. However, this was the first time that we tried play food toys from Plan. The foods are similar in size to Haba play food, and while they aren't quite as cute, but the felt accents are nice. These are a nice choice if you've bought a play kitchen for Christmas and are looking to stock it with play food on a budget.

We got to test their durability right away as Linnea decided to see how well the vegetables mixed with her cranberry juice. Yuck! While I don't suggest these for toddlers who want to drop things in their juice cups, they did clean up to be good as new and ready for lots of play.

"Eat your carrots, Mom!"

For Arielle's fourth birthday, she received the Haba Sunlight Jewelry Box ($24.99) and a necklace as a special gift from her Daddy who couldn't be there. It looks adorable in her pink princess room. With two little girls who love being pretty, it seems that I always need space for storing hair bows and necklaces. So, I was happy that Petit Baby sent the larger Haba Mia Jewelry House ($31.99).

This very pink and very girly jewelry box. It comes apart into two roomy sections. The top part has a mirror in the lid.

Since it is made of cloth, the jewelry box is manufactured in China in a factory with on-site Haba supervision. All Haba toys and Haba gifts meet European (EN71) and US (ASTM) standards.

Finally, more Djeco toys.
Djeco Color Animals Domino ($16.99)

I just really enjoy the fun, bright illustrations that Djeco uses. Dominoes are a classic picture recognition and number matching game. I remember playing dominoes as a child, although mine were not nearly this cute.

The game starts with each player being given 6 dominoes. The remainder of the dominoes are left in a stack. The first player places a domino on the table. Each player then takes turns putting down a domino by matching 2 identical pictures or 2 identical numbers. If a player can't make a match, she must draw dominoes from the pile until she can. The first player to have no dominoes left is the winner.

Arielle and I played with both with pictures and number dots.

Learning toys and Educational games like dominoes are a great fun way to help preschool-aged children develop pre-reading and early math skill while having fun with mom and dad. Four-year-old, Arielle easily followed the rules and won most of our games.

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