Sunday, December 7, 2008

Kathe Kruse Dollhouse Dolls and a few other options

Lately, I've received a lot of questions about dollhouse dolls. Ours are from Kathe Kruse.

Yes, these are expensive. So, unless you have an enviable toy budget, you probably won't be able to purchase a whole houseful at once. But, they are worth saving for.

Flexible Doll Boy Fairy by Kathe Kruse ($17.99)

These four inch German dolls are the loveliest, sweetest residents a dollhouse could have. They are even nicer and more adorable in real life. And, they are made out of natural materials to last through all sorts of play. Unlike most dollhouse dolls, they have soft faces. The details are just beautiful.

We got a few from Moolka, and then we bought one at a time. Santa has a few more planned to peek out of stockings on Christmas morning. Arielle has been more than happy to use finger puppets and small stuffed animals in the meantime.

Flexible Doll Girl Fairy
from Kathe Kruse ($17.99)

Flexible Doll Butterfly
from Kathe Kruse ($17.99)

Dolls in action.

We, no surprise, started with the fairy theme. But, Moolka also stocks the Royal Family and ordinary people dolls for all kinds of imaginative doll play.

Flexible Doll King or Queen($16.19)

Flexible Doll Knight by Kathe Kruse ($16.19)

Flexible Doll Lisa by Kathe Kruse($16.19)

Flexible Doll Boy Mats

If these are absolutely not in your budget, dollhouse dolls from Selecta are also made in Germany and range from $8.47 to $12.49.

Doll Mummy Lorenzo from Selecta ($12.39)

And for the price of one Kathe Kruse doll, you can get a whole family from Plan Toys.

Doll Family from Plan Toys ($19.99)

Modern Doll Family ($18.99)

Any of these options is sure to provide hours of creative playtime.


goonius said...

We're looking at the Kathe Kruse dolls for our girls, and I was wondering if the clothes are removable?

Sara said...

Not on the doll house dolls.

goonius said...

Thanks! :)