Sunday, December 7, 2008

Fairy Finery Preview

I received my first Fairy Finery order on Thursday. Shhhhh... it's a Christmas secret and, of course, I don't have pictures yet... but, I just wanted to rave about how lovely and high quality everything was. If you are till looking for that really special gift, Fairy Finery makes all sorts of dress-up clothes for boys and girls - and everything is made in the USA. This is what "real" princesses wear.

So, here's just a preview. I borrowed the pictures from the website.

Linnea is getting Fairy Flutter Dress ($59.00),

and a Hooded Crushed Velvet Cape with Boa ($62.00). This is just gorgeous. The velour is nice and thick and there is a little tassel on the tip of the pointy hood.

Arielle will be unwrapping the Princess Dream Dress ($73.00), which should fill all her Cinderella fantasies,

a shimmery Adventure Cape ($23.50),

and, because every princess needs one, a sparkly, jeweled Tiara ($15.00)

In addition to princess and fairy gowns, cloaks and accessories, Fairy Finery offers a full selection of Adventure Wear, clothing and accessories for pirates,knights, kings, merry men and adventurers, suitable for both girls and boys. Everything is beautiful, sturdy and washable, so real kids can play real games.

Order by December 17th for Christmas delivery, and stay tuned for a more in-depth review next year.

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