Friday, December 4, 2009

Handmade Holidays part 3

More handmade holiday! I'm so sorry about missing Thanksgiving, but we were traveling and I had limited computer access.

Swaddle Babies by Priscilla Rose are hand stitched cloth snuggling dolls. Each doll is custom designed and personalized with the child's name on the tag. They are available in fleece, velour or minky fabrics. If you go to the site, you will see the sweetest pictures of little ones and their snuggle babies. You'll want one for yourself :)

The dolls are crafted with organic cotton knit, organic eco-wool, organic thread, and natural and organic hand spun yarns. The picture is by Sara Sophia.

Swaddle Baby ($34-$56 depending on fabric)

Easy to Love makes Pennsylvania German handmade wooden toys (and toy patterns for those DIYers out there). If you don't want your children to come running, turn your computer on mute before entering the site. It plays some peppy, traditional music.

The wooden toys are just beautiful and I wouldn't be surprised if they were actually made by Santa's elves . My personal favorite is the tool box ($60), but there are also cars, trucks, airplanes, rocking horses, sleighs (see elves!) and trains.

Child's tool set ($60.00)

The Tan family offers Waldorf-inspired wood toys, naturally-dyed silks, hand-spun yarns and more. Everything by Rick and Jennifer in their home and is sold in their Etsy shop, Syrendell. Jennifer says, "I really enjoy creating handmade items for families. Some of our customers are homeschoolers, some are Waldorf-inspired families, and some people are fiber artists. We enjoy making custom orders of our handspun yarns, aromatherapy, naturally-dyed silks and wood toys. Our approach is always holistic, healthy, happy and creative!"

Check them out for naturally-dyed play silks,and felted and wooden toys.

Snail ($9.50)

These cute little snails are great for spring nature's tables or as friends to the Syrendell Sprites - little fairy figures sold on the site.

The play silks come in delicate natural colors and an assortment of sizes.

Speaking of play silks, I just discovered Desert Dyeworks where I found the most gorgeous tie-dyed play silks. I bought one for each girl's stocking ($20).

Check out the Matryoshka dolls and crowns at Little Red Caboose. Everything is on sale right now, but you'll have to act fast because the store closes on Sunday.

Matryoshka doll ($59.50)

More handmade toys next week. If you make a handmade toy and want to included, send me an email with a link to your site. If you want to know more about how the CPSIA is affecting handmade toys, visit the Handmade Toy Alliance.


Tan Family said...

What a beautiful assortment! Thank you for featuring our Syrendell Etsy shop. :)

Anonymous said...

I need to quit checking your blog...I can't spend any more $$ this Christmas and your features make me want to break the bank! I would love one of those scarves for my girls (one each X 3 = $60) but it just can't happen...Oh well! I'll still look and practice my self control. Thanks for finding such fun, safe toys.

Sara said...

Then I won't tell you that there is a 10% discount for multiple purchases at Desert Dyeworks. I didn't realize and was thrilled to get $4 refunded.

I know - my husband and I have seven kids all together (4 are in college) - and I see toys all day, so it is really, really hard to stick to the budget.