Thursday, November 26, 2009

Beautiful gifts from Rosie Hippo

Rosie Hippo specializes in beautiful designed toys that inspire creativity and spark imagination! Just the type of toys that we like best.

Many of these are toys that I haven't seen anywhere else.

There is a nice section of toys made in the USA like this classic heavy-duty wagon.

Rosie Red Wagon ($145)

There are also sections for special interests like fairies, castles or pirates, and for gifts under $15, under $25 and under $50 - just what you need when you're staying on a budget.

Gifts under $15.

Lavender Girl ($15.00), she's lavender and full of lavender for a soothing,calming scent. Made in Brazil.

Gifts under $25

Squiggles ($20)

I am going to recommend this for anyone between five and 105! I love my Squiggles book and I use it for stress relief. I get pretty silly with the pictures, and the kids love to peek and see what I've drawn.

You start with an outline and simple directions like "what kind of store?" and you go from there. No talent required.

Last year I gave one to all our big kids, including my step-son who is a wonderful artist.

Here are a few pages from my book.

Gifts under $50

I chose to review the scale.

Scale ($39)

When my mother was a child, she played with a little scale a lot. So, that is what I thought about when I saw this little wooden scale. It's made in Romania by Estia, and it comes with five weights of different sizes. It's a great learning toy as kids figure out the mathematical concepts of weight and balance, but it is also fun.

Linnea said "It's a wee-saw!" and she put two stuffed animals on it. I wish I had pictures.

Arielle took one look at it and said "that's not a toy, it's homework."

I said, "OK. Then don't play with it."

Just minutes later....

She has been really enjoying the scale. She likes to take different objects and see which is heavier. It is great for weighing little wooden animals; is the rabbit heavier than the sheep?

Linnea finally figured out what a scale really is for, and it's been a nice addition to their store play. "Would you like two pounds of chocolate?"

I considered a few scales, but I really like that this one is all wood and, at $35, it had the best price.

Rosie Hippo has wonderful toys and it's definitely worth a look. Thank you, Rosie Hippo!

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My Boaz's Ruth said...

$35 is an awesome price for a scale like that!