Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Woodland Adventures from A Toy Garden (a story by Arielle)

Woodland Small Animals Set ($24.95, tree $12.95)

Once upon a time there was a magical forest. There was a magical owl that could fly and walk and his best friend was a magical hedgehog who could fly. The hedgehog could also turn into a fuzzy pig when it wanted to. Owl's other friends were Frog and Mouse and they were magic, too. They all lived in a big tree in Magic Town.

One day Owl told Hedgehog, "We are running out of magic and we have to save the magic. The only person that can save the magic is Arielle. Lets go find her."

But, Arielle lived near the tree and walked right over. she put on her magic suit with butterfly wings and flew up, up in the air and tried to catch the magic. It took her lots of days, but then she caught the magic and brought the magic back.

The animals could do their magic again. The tree grew into a giant tree, and they were all safe from the evil dinosaur.

The End.

This delightful set of wooden animals is made in Germany by Kinderkram. The animals are just right for imaginary adventures or for decorating a nature table. They play well with most other wooden figures and block sets, although the Holztiger dinosaur seems to cause problems ;o)

Arielle is convinced that a fairy made the animals just for her out of wood and tree bark and fairy dust. She says most kids would like to play with them because "they don't bite or make the house too messy."

I like them because this is a high quality toy that encourages imaginative play and will grow with her.

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