Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Dolls from HABA, at Petit Baby

Every once in a while Arielle gets to choose the toy we review. After looking over all the wonderful toys on the Petit Baby website, this doll was her first choice. It was love at first sight. Once she saw the doll, nothing else would do.

HABA Lotta Soft Doll ($44.99)

And, since she is (usually)a nice big sister, she looked over the other dolls, and chose this doll for Linnea.

HABA Paola Soft Doll ($44.99)

When the dolls arrived, everyone was so happy. I knew these were 15" dolls, but I was still surprised at the large size. I was expecting something like Groovy Girls.

Linnea was thrilled to have "my big-girl" doll. She decided to rename her Anna.

Arielle stuck with the name Lotta since she can read boxes.

Both dolls have removable clothing and accessories, so of course the first things their new mommies did was undress them. The dolls have belly buttons! But no underpants.

And, then they dressed them again. No pants for Anna-Paola; like her Mommy, she believes that pants are "Yucky!"


After a yummy dinner of wooden food, the mommies tucked their big-girl dollies in tightly. Goodnight, Lotta.

The dolls are made in China under HABA supervision. I think Arielle loves the funky hair and cool outfits - they look like clothes she'd pick out. I was impressed with the quality. These dolls are made to be loved and cuddled by little mommies and daddies who aren't always gentle.

They are a nice gift for the child who wants a "big kid" doll. Trendy-cool, but not inappropriate like some dolls out there.

Petit Baby has offered our readers 10% off all regularly priced items. The code is "Sara10", and the code can not be used on sales items. But, it can be used on Lotta, Paola (Anna) and their friends Amelie and Lukas.

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