Monday, November 23, 2009

Puppets at Palumba

Arielle and Linnea love putting on puppet shows at the moment. What a great way to use their imagination, practice story-telling, and play-act social skills. So, my Christmas list includes finding some special puppets to encourage this activity.

The puppets at Palumba definitely qualify as special. Just look!

Fairy Hand Puppet ($39.99)

The puppets are handcrafted for Camden Rose in Canada. They are made out of wool and cotton and have beautifully embroidered faces and pretty decorative details.

Palumba sent us a Queen hand puppet ($39.99) to review.

Watch the show.

Arielle's best friend, Cockatooey, warms up the audience.

And now for our star.... The Queen. Isn't she lovely? Her gown and felt crown are accented with metallic embroidery. Her hair is of golden wool that is styled in a regal braided bun. Her cheeks are rosy, and her embroidered eyes have a wise, yet kind expression.

The show begins. A mischievous rabbit comes on the scene.

But, he can not compete with the loveliness of the queen, nor will she give him any attention. So, he leaves on a quest for a golden carrot. The queen bows.

And sings a solo. "A B C D E F G....."

Definitely an award winner!

Linnea enjoys using the puppet as a soft doll. At this moment she is being tucked in and covered with kisses.

Also, check out Palumba's incredible selection of Waldorf finger puppets with the same craftsmanship and attention to detail ($19.99 each).

Don't forget, Palumba has offered our readers 5% off until the end of December. That's a great excuse for new puppets, don't you think?

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