Monday, November 16, 2009

We love Mary's Soft Dough so much...

that we are reviewing it again!

We first reviewed Mary's Softdough in March 2008. Arielle was 3 1/2, and Linnea was 16 months old. We loved it then, and we love it now.

Normally, I mix dough myself. But, sometimes I'm busy or I don't want to do the dishes or I need an emergency gift or something fun to pull out right away.

Mary's Softdough is just as healthy and natural as dough I make myself. It has the perfect dough texture and it smells good.

It is made of flour, water, salt, cream of tartar, soybean oil, food coloring (all stuff we have at home) and sodium benzoate (a food preservative that keeps it from getting moldy so it can be used for up to a year). It comes in so many colors and scents and even with sparkles.

The Playful Pink Glitter Softdough is the favorite here.

Mary's Softdough is available in a big, 18 oz,. rainbow tub ($8.95), big single color tubs ($9.95), and small 4 oz. single color tubs ($3.35 plain, $3.95 for glow in the dark or scented).

Linnea just came up to me, "Mommy, I'm good! Can I do play dough? Pease pease pease pease?" Playing with dough is one of her favorite things. And, now that she doesn't eat the dough, it means she stays in one place for an hour or so... long enough for me to write this.

Linnea does mush colors together. This drives Arielle nuts. If this is a problem for your children, I suggest a big, single color tub.

Hard at work.


Terrapin Toys offers a Soft Dough Tool Set ($7.95) for extra fun. Like the dough, the tool set is made in the USA. The girls love the roller and cookie cutters. Check out the squirrels.

We also like to use small kitchen utensils (an old garlic press is awesome, as are plastic pizza cutters), cookie cutters, blunt tip scissors, tiny plastic figurines and dinosaurs, toothpicks, textured rollers and sometimes small hammers and golf tees for dough-play variations.

You can purchase the whole line of Mary's Softdough products directly from Terrapin Toys.

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My Boaz's Ruth said...

This mama doesn't like the colors mushed together, so she only offers one color at a time!

Boring, eh?