Thursday, November 19, 2009

Lunch at Palumba, a sandwich and pear

Once you've chosen a kitchen, you'll need to stock it with food (good for filling a stocking). The chefs at Palumba offer a whole menu that gives new meaning to natural food.

Arielle and Linnea tried a perfectly knitted cheese sandwich ($12.99) with a pear.

Knitted pear ($5.99)

The knitted foods are made of hand carded-hand dyed wool. They are fair trade from Peru. The sandwich comes with a slice of your favorite cheese, tomato and lettuce on a healthy, whole-wool bread. It goes really well with a cup of good milk ($8.99). Lizzie's favorite lunch!

Check out the whole menu of felt, wool and wooden play food at Palumba.

Everyone likes pizza. The felt pizza ($34.99) comes with removable toppings and a metal pizza pan. Made in the USA. Since the toppings aren't attached, Arielle could make vegan pizza for her daddy, lots of vegetables for me, plain cheese for Linnea, and pepperoni for herself.

Thinking about Thanksgiving? This made me laugh.

Felt turkey with stuffing ($24.99)

and, I don't think I could eat this guy... too cute!

Knitted lobster ($9.99)

Palumba also stocks a whole range of kitchen accessories for little chefs. Many of these can be used for real cooking, too.

The colander ($4.99) has been a favorite plaything in our house for years. It is also perfect for rinsing just-picked strawberries.

Linnea is using the colander with the cherry kitchen straining spoon ($7.99) and cherry kitchen spatula ($7.99). These utensils are so pretty, I wish they made larger ones for my kitchen.

Mmmm.... acorn and pasta pie - with mushrooms, ladybugs and stars. A future Top Chef for sure :o)

And, I dream about the stainless steel cookware set ($29.99). I think they are on my own Christmas list.

The little metal pots I bought at TJ Maxx already show so much wear. I like that these are made of high quality steel that will last. And, the kids just seem to prefer realistic kitchen toys. They often take stuff out of my kitchen.

Kitchen play is a big deal here. Linnea walks me over to her toy kitchen, practically pushes me into a chair, and says "Ok, Hon. What would you like to eat?" Then my little mommy cooks me a feast. She's so grown-up.

Happy cooking!

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