Monday, November 16, 2009


If you head over to PADiLLY you will find page after page of beautiful toys. You can almost hear the delighted squeals on Christmas Day! As you browse the site keep in mind that PADiLLY has generously shared a coupon code with us. To redeem it enter SARAToysPADiLLY when you check out.
While I loved so many toys at PADiLLY the following represent my favorites:

Haba Egg Race (Made in Germany)
This toy would make the perfect party game! I can also see it chasing away the winter blues. What could be more fun than racing around the house with a clown's head on a stick? Small toys that encourage activity are perfect in my book.

Quadrilla Basic Set (Made in China)This set is made in China. However, I have included it as it is made of sustainable wood and is colored with water based stains. I showed my six-year-old this picture and his jaw dropped. "This is going on my list for sure!" Love at first sight! This 99 piece set is currently on sale at $47.99.
Glueckskaefer Green House of Doors (Made in Bosnia-Herzegovina)
This many doored house is just adorable. The play possibilities are endless. Is it a fairy house, a horse stable or a garage? Let the kids decide. I know that my two toy hounds would find a million ways to use all those doors. The house is painted with water based paints and has a slightly rough, earthy texture.

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