Saturday, November 14, 2009

Is it a lemonade stand? From Down to Earth Toys

This was a surprise review, and I never would have thought it would be such a success. This toy inspired so much fun and creativity; I have to tell you about it.

The FedEx guy showed up with a big package. And, I was so sure it was the rocket ship that I'll be posting a review of in a few days. So, we did a little "the rocket ship is here!" dance.

When I opened it up, there were lots of big cardboard pieces...

But, when I looked at the instructions, they said lemonade stand.

Lemonade/Advice Stand ($78.95)

Well... the lemonade stand was quickly and easily put together (it took one small mommy about 10 minutes). Arielle wanted to sell pretend lemonade.

It was delicious. There's nothing like imaginary lemonade (LIMUNaD) on a chilly November morning!

When Arielle ran off to get more wooden lemons, Linnea discovered the best part...

The little doors on the bottom of the lemonade stands open up to make a perfect Linnea-doggy house. Woof Woof!

Later on, we played store.

Mommy Linnea arrives at the store with her children Cassie and Anna.

She looks over the selection of groceries.

"Do we need eggs?"

Here she is getting ready to pay for her purchases.

Ring them up, Store Lady Arielle.

"Oooh... that will be $100."

It's a hard job.

The lemonade stand has also been used a library and a bunk bed. The bunk bed option is not recommended. Although it is sturdy enough to support little girls, the thought makes mommies nervous. Their favorite thing is climbing inside.

Today, I draped it with a big play silk and it became a puppet theater.

The name of the show - "The Queen"

The audience is excited.

The star (she will be interviewed/reviewed soon).

The finale.

Best of all, it came in a big flat box. And the best thing about big flat boxes is....

The lemonade stand in made in the USA by Cardboardesign. It is made of sturdy 100% chemical free recycled cardboard. When children are done with it, it can be recycled.

Tomorrow, this one is going to a nearby preschool where I'm sure it will be used for years.

So, is it a lemonade stand? Or is it really a multi-purpose play center in disguise? What do you think?

I think if you don't have the room or budget for wooden play stands, this is an eco-friendly alternative that may offer even more play options. And, it breaks down for storage or transportation.

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