Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Yay!!! a Nico & Zoe Coupon Code

Nico & Zoe is offering Sara's Toy Box readers 15% off their holiday season purchases on orders of $50 or more. The coupon can be used in conjunction with the standard free shipping for orders over $100. The code is "sarastoys09".

Nico & Zoe specializes in offering uncommon and artisan toys from the U.S. and Europe. Some great new additions to the Nico & Zoe site are the Toys Under $10 and the Toys for $11-$20 sections. These are great if you are looking for gifts on a budget.

Little Scoot Flag Airplane ($7.00)

Bundle BeBe Handmade Doll ($13.00)

Fifty wooden block set from Plan Toys ($20.00)

My favorite part of the site are Zoe's, Nico's and Lil Sis's Pics. These sections offer toys chosen by the owners children as favorites for ages 5+, 3+ and 1+.

From Zoe's Pics for ages 5+, Sprig Toys Dolphin Explorer Boat Play Set ($30.00)

From Nico's Pics for ages 3+, kaleidoscope owls ($5.00)

I'm going to have to get a few of these for stocking-stuffers. The girls are fascinated by kaleidoscopes.

From Lil Sis for ages 1+, Bear Cymbals ($13.00)

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