Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Savings at Petit Baby

Petit Baby offers European toys for babies and toddlers. Their carefully chosen selection includes brands such as Selecta, Kathe Kruse, Vilac, and Haba among others.

Haba Bambini Houses Threading Beads ($17.99)

Last week, I posted a picture on Facebook of Linnea playing with her beads. I got a lot of "How cool! I need those!" and " Where can I find them?"

Linnea just discovered these although they have been in the playroom all her life. She's almost three, and these are currently her favorite toy. She's very proud of how well she can string them. She's been making necklaces for me and Arielle and all her "fwends". The beads are from Haba and they are hard to find, but are available at Petit Baby. They are available in several styles. Check out all their options for threading toys.

One of my favorite things about these beads is that they can also be played with separately. I used to slip a necklace into my diaper bag to entertain Arielle when we were away from home. I could take off the toys if necessary. Arielle still enjoys adding the beads to her towns when she plays blocks.

The beads are made in Germany. This learning toy would make an excellent gift for a three year old.

Petit Baby has offered our readers 10% off all regularly priced items. The code is "Sara10" and can not be used on sales items.

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