Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Blueberry Forest Toys - 15% off magical toys

When I look at the Blueberry Forest Toys website, I feel like I'm taking a peek at Santa's Workshop. It just feels like the toys are especially chosen to give that sparkly Christmas morning feeling. Which is why it is one of my favorites for Holiday shopping.

And, I'll definitely be doing some shopping at Blueberry Forest this year. Blueberry Forest has a huge selection of Kathe Kruse Dolls. Linnea would really like a vinyl baby doll. The new, bigger (14.5") bath babies are a possibility.

Kathe Kruse Baby Mein Doll, "My First Trip" ($94.95)

Kathe Kruse vinyl dolls are made of vinyl that is free of nonyphenol and phtalates. The vinyl is made in Germany and tested in Germany at the Chemical-Technical Institute. Most vinyl dolls are made of PVC.

Little girls love being able to bathe their baby dolls. Kathe Kruse bath baby dolls can be played with in the bath or swimming pool and can then be dried off and dressed, all ready for more adventures with their little mommies.

If you are looking for a Nativity scene for this holiday, Blueberry Forest Toys has several alternatives that are both beautiful and fun.

I like the Kathe Kruse Finger Puppet Nativity Set. It comes with comes with Mary and Baby Jesus, Joseph, angel, ox, and donkey finger puppets, and a manger stage. What a fun way to tech your child the story of Christmas.

Kathe Kruse Nativity Finger Puppet Theater Set ($65.95)

While I'm on a Kathe Kruse roll, let me mention the Kathe Kruse Advent Doll. This seven inch doll comes with 22 pieces of handmade clothing - one for each day of the Advent. After the holidays, she can be put away for next year or played with year round.

Kathe Kruse 7 in. Advent Doll ($96.95)

But, Blueberry Forest isn't just about Kathe Kruse. They offer a huge range of European and American toys, gifts and photo albums.

They are not a toys, but I love the antique replica cookie and craft molds. These are made of a wood and resin composite. If you are like me and make baked goods as holiday gifts, these are an easy way to make something truly special for your friends. The molds also have hanging rings so they can be displayed on a wall.

Baroque Owl Cookie Mold ($21.00)

Now, back to toys! Blueberry Forest offers HABA toys, Kettler tricycles, Plan Toys, Selecta (while supplies last), Sarah's Silks, Ostheimer figures, Kinderkram toys and Evi Dolls. There are special sections for fairy and mermaid play, pirate play, castle toys, blocks, and wooden figures.

Look at the Kinderkram Snow White Set ($248.95)

What a creative alternative to the Disney version.

Blueberry Forest Toys has offered Sara's Toy Box readers a coupon code good for 15% off all Kathe Kruse items on the site. Please enter Coupon Code "STB2" valid through 12/15/09.


My Boaz's Ruth said...

The Kathy Kruse Mini It's Me doll was on Zrecommend's list today!

M.K. said...

I'm looking for minority waldorf/steiner dolls for a christmas present. Have you come across a good source for those? I am not able to afford a custom-made one.


Sara said...

MK, Willow Tree Dolls has some fair trade dolls that are relatively inexpensive and come in a variety of colors http://willowtreetoys.com/category/30461589601/2/Dolls.htm just scroll down. Or, you could try Magic Cabin http://www.magiccabin.com/product.asp?section_id=2004&department=1502&search_type=category&search_value=6202&cm_val=&cm_pos=&cur_index=&cm_type=bandept&pcode=43
http://www.blueberryforest.com/kathe_kruse/kathe-kruse-mini-baby-it's-me-melana-waldorf-doll.htm or http://www.blueberryforest.com/kathe_kruse/kathe-kruse-waldorf-south-sea-dreams-doll.htm or http://www.blueberryforest.com/kathe_kruse/kathe-kruse-melana-15-in.-waldorf-doll.htm but those last two are pricey.

M.K. said...

Sara - thank you so much for the encouragement to keep looking! We found an Evi Waldorf Cuddle Baby Doll on Blueberry Forest (brown) that is perfect.