Friday, November 27, 2009

A bird tree!

Not a partridge in a pear tree, a sparrow in an apple tree! And, a blue jay and a robin and a titmouse and a flying yellow songbird.

Birdies in an Apple Tree ($79)

I've told you before about how much we love our Holztiger animals. These wooden animals from Germany are a favorite with my girls. Each year, I buy a few more at Christmas or on birthdays or for Easter, and the girls are getting a pretty nice collection. They are played with all the time. And, when they aren't being played with, they look very cute on a shelf or dresser.

Lately, Arielle's favorites have been birds. When ever she saves up enough money, she buys a bird... one at a time. When Arielle saw the bird tree, her eyes lit right up. And Rosie Hippo was so kind to let her review it.

The tree has a stand to help it stay up on carpet, but it can be used without the stand.

There are plenty of flat spots for the birds to perch. Hmmm... where will this bird go?

Some other animals heard about the juicy apples.


Like all Holztiger figures, the tree is beautifully made and finished with non-toxic colors. It's a great addition to a play story. And, it is available separately for $24.

There really is nothing like Holztiger for open-ended, imaginative play. And, there is nowhere like Rosie Hippo for Holztiger. They have the best selection.

Check out all the wonderful European and American toys at Rosie Hippo.

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