Sunday, November 22, 2009


Blocks are serious play for Linnea, and she took to Twig ($49.95) right away.

Twig is different from other blocks. The consists of 72 wooden blocks in unusual, open shapes and bright colors.

The cool thing is that while the blocks can be stacked like traditional blocks, they are also hollowed out. This adds a whole new dimension to building as pieces can be stacked inside and through other pieces allowing all kinds of intricate structures to be built.

Still don't get it? Linnea will explain.

You stack,

But, then your pieces start falling through. Hmmm... what to do?

Put some cross pieces inside and you can resume stacking. Problem solved.

Arielle's approach was different. She tried to nest her blocks by fitting small blocks inside big blocks.

This open-ended and unusual set of blocks was the idea of a teacher in Canada. Matt Hiebert took the idea of a traditional block set and took out the insides. He prototyped his product and sold a few and then sold more. Fat Brain Toys licensed the design and they now produce the block set using sustainably harvested wood, non-toxic colors, recyclable packaging and fair labor conditions. They are CPSIA certified.

But, mostly they are fun! If you are looking for a Christmas gift or birthday gift for a three or four year old who loves to build, this is perfect. While they play, they'll be developing their mathematical, visualization and creative skills - just the skills a future engineer needs.

Twigs is the winner of many toy awards include:

  • Parents’ Choice Gold Award 2009
  • Creative Child Toy of the Year Award 2009
  • Dr. Toy Best Green Product 2009
  • NAPPA -National Parenting Publications Honors Award 2009
  • 2009 Grandkids Superproduct Award
Twig is available at Fat Brain Toys.

Fat Brain Toys developed Twig and they sell Twig and a variety of other toys, including HABA, Plan Toys, Challenge and Fun, and many, many other brands. Check out the Organic & Green Toys Section.


My Boaz's Ruth said...

My apologies, but I'm not quite "Getting" Twig.

Every picture I see that has the long narrow rectangles inside, it seems to have gone ALL the way inside -- how does one get it out? Is there more than one length of long rectangular? Do the "block" pieces fit inside each other at all or is it just the long rectangular ones?

Is there any brick and mortar that sells these so we can go see them in person?

Sara said...

All the blocks fit inside each other - sort of. You can stick little blocks in the big blocks. The long pieces are long enough that they don't get stuck. Hmm... but short enough that you can stick two in. I'm sure they are sold at some brick and mortar stores, but I couldn't find them at the big chains.

Learning Aids said...

How it is differ from other blocks ?