Sunday, November 8, 2009

euroToyShop store review and coupon

If you are looking for European brands like Bruder, LEGO, Kathe Kruse, HABA, Siku, Ravensburger, or Schleich, then euroToyShop is the place for you. EuroToyShop sells European brand toys - both plastic and wooden, and some made in China (although most are made in Europe).

They carry an extensive selection of Selecta wooden toys. Unfortunately, because of the costs involved in labeling for the CPSIA, Selecta is no longer shipping to the United States so these toys have a rhino on their page. Like the rhinoceros, these toys are endangered and when these are sold, they are gone. Such a sad thing because Selecta makes especially lovely toys.

Variola Ball and Track System ($117.65)

Another favorite of mine is Kathe Kruse. In addition to cloth dolls and dollhouse dolls, euroToyShop carries Kathe Kruse vinyl dolls. The 12" bath baby can be taken in the bath and cared for by little mommies. This is especially fun for toddlers, but Arielle and Linnea love playing with dolls in the shower. They bring in a tea set and feed their babies, wash them and then wrap them in wash cloths and tuck them in bed.

Kathe Kruse Bath Baby $67.72

Ravensburger Puzzles
are made in Europe. I have not bought any for Arielle and Linnea yet, but my older children played with them many years ago. They are cardboard, but well made and reasonably-priced, and there is a wide selection to capture the interests and abilities of any child.

Ballet class 43 piece frame puzzle ($6.65)

I had the chance to see some Bruder trucks recently. These are made in Germany of tough phthalate-free plastic. I especially like the snow plow as the snow plow is a daily part of our lives from December until spring. The snow plow is a big L 18.5 x W 6.3 x H 7.7 inches and the plow rotates to the left or right and can be raised and lowered. This would be awesome on one of our icky, sub-freezing days; I would bring a tub of snow in and let the girls plow it.

Bruder snow plow ($34.27)

EuroToyShop has offered our readers 10% off for early holiday shopping. "SARASTOYBOX" is good on all items until Thanksgiving (November 26, 2009). Enjoy!

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My Boaz's Ruth said...

I love the Variola ball and track system, but honestly hate to invest into something where the company has left the country. Esp something like that, which is usually extendable. I love the look of Selecta toys... and it is a shame they have left. But the things I was interested in I have been able to find acceptable substitutes for that were made elsewhere. Not exactly the same, no. But "good enough" -- i just fear as more companies start leaving because of this legislation. The latest I have heard is Brio!
(I couldn't find the rhino on the page either :()